Privacy Policy

Rayout (stylised in lower-case with the equal sign, "=") anime and manga services is a syndication that merely offers a glimpse and opportunity for potential translators, editors, subtitle timers, subtitle typesetters and quality checkers into the anime or manga industry. As a non-profit venture, ray=out anime and manga services does not create or generate any sort of revenue or profits from its services to ensure that members involved are doing the task voluntarily for career-related experience, purposes of a hobby or insight into the industries mentioned above. For the fundamental respect for the right of privacy, protection of personal integrity and private life, ray=out anime and manga services does not share any personal information (names, address, telephone number, gender, ethnicity, etc) of its members outside of e-mail exchanges, live chats, or where applicable, live meetings.

All content on this website are owned by their respectful copyright owners. Images used are a combination of original (ray=out media), fan or artist renders and artwork available on Pixiv, a Japanese fan and artist artwork sharing website, deviantART, an English interpretation of Pixiv for all kinds of creative digital content and DryIcons, a resource for website developing icons. We take full ownership of all edited or modified translations of our projects, while the original and untouched translations remain with their respective translator(s). We do not host any of our anime content on the domain and sub-domains. Contents are shared through third-party services such as BitTorrent and file host websites. We do not have any control over the distribution of any file outside of this website nor do we take any responsibility for any viewer's actions on the domain or our sub-domains.

Any or all information on this website, notably on the home-page and projects-page may routinely be updated or changed to reflect various alterations in relation to specific projects. Updates are not made on any scheduled manner and are thus sporadic. This page has been last updated on October 23rd, 2013.